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Re: Marine fuel oil - Benzene and VOC emissions

By Marine fuel oil, are you meaning what we call #6 or bunker C fuel oil in
the U.S.?   This is a high boiling range distillate that is typically
heated before burning in a boiler.   It would have no benzene or VOC's in
it; these are found in much lower boiling distillates like gasoline and
possibly diesel fuel.   

Contact the supplier of the fuel to the storage facitily for a
specification on the marine fuel oil.   Important is the boiling range and
flash point.   If you see the initial boiling point at 400 degrees F or
above, you can expect no benzene or VOCs.

Craig Stead
Putney, Vermont


At 09:29 AM 4/2/01 +1000, you wrote:
>Hi Everyone
>We are currently working with a fuel storage facility trying to utilise
>emission factors (US EPA TANKS software) to estimate VOC and benzene
>emissions from fuel storage tanks.  We have been unable to find literature
>values for marine fuel oil, apparently because benzene and VOC contents are
>so low in this fuel type.  Can anyone provide guidance or direct me to a
>good reference?  Thanks in advance, Greg
>Greg Newman
>NSW Environment Protection Authority 
>PO Box 513, Wollongong NSW 2500 
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