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Re: Two separate questions - P2 Videos and Paint BoothFilters


Ohio EPA has a 24 minute video titled "An Ounce of Prevention: The Advantages of Reducing Waste".
The video is well produced and includes the testimonials of five small business owners.

Contact Chris Cotton at
(937)285-6093 or chris.cotton@epa.state.oh.us for more information. 


Jeff Lewis
Ohio EPA/Office of Pollution Prevention
Lazarus Government Center
P.O. Box 1049
Columbus, Ohio 43216-1049
phone:  614.644.2812
fax:  614.644.2807

>>> "MacCormac, Deborah" <Deborah.MacCormac@dep.state.fl.us> 04/04/01 10:41AM >>>
Question 1
I am looking for any and all current P2 Videos, for client educational
purposes. Have found nothing later than 1992 vintage. Does anyone know 
of any new P2 videos produced within the last 4 years?

Question 2
Disposal dilemma. 
Does anyone know of an efficient method for disposing of bulky & awkward used
paint booth filters? There are several types apparently. The long flat
blanket-like filters, that clients roll up like jelly rolls, slide into
plastic drum liner bags and either stuff into 55 gallon drums for disposal or
throw into 20 to 40 cu.yd,roll out bins for pick up. There are smaller pouch
filters attached to rectangular metal frames, which the client either crushes
and stuffs into drums or cuts the fabric away from the frame, recycles the
frame and disposes the fabric as above. TCLP testing of filters may reveal
that they are non-hazardous in some cases. Either way the volume 
of waste created is disconcerting even with compacting technology. To see
these huge light weight wads of cotton batton type material stuffed into
steel drum is very frustrating indeed. They just has to be a better way!
Please help.