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Floor Cleanup

Hi all,

We have a client who operates a large automobile servicing area. The cleanup method for removing oil / washwater has been by steam cleaning. (Along with the associated flushing down the storm drain).

We have agreed to help him choose  alternate methods to cleanup his shop floors, including Hydrophobic mopping.

The basic problem is that this facility is huge, over 30 stations, and the cement floors are old and cracked.  This inhibits the usefulness of a  sealant on the floors . Also because of the location of this facility, the application of a floor sealant presents problems with VOC's.

Does anyone have knowledge of a floor scrubber system or equivalent which our client can make available?  

We have investigated the technical feasibility and costs associated with of a closed loop system, and found the costs to be significant.

Thanks in advance for your help on this!

Joel Blood

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