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GEMI pubs on CDROM

The Global Environmental Management Initiative is a consortium of major
companies sharing best practices in Environment, Health and Safety (EHS).
See the website at http://www.gemi.org for full details.  GEMI has recently
produced "GEMI's 10th Anniversary Publications and Reports CD-ROM", which
contains all of GEMI's publications and reports from 1990-2000.  It contains
great tools such as the Environmental Self Assessment Program and  "New
Paths to Business Value: Strategic Sourcing--Environment, Health and
Safety", short brochures on TQEM and other topics that are excellent for
training programs, and more.  See http://www.gemi.org/docs/PubTools.htm for
the publications list. The CD-ROM is available FREE of charge by contacting
GEMI, see the URL for all details.  All the documents will also soon be
available for downloading from the GEMI website.

Burton Hamner
Seattle, WA