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RE: Pretreatment guidance for priority and other chemicals accept edat wastewater treatment plants

In a recent post to P2TECH, Cindy McComas (mccom003@tc.umn.edu) asked, in

> I am looking for a reference document or website for pretreatment 
> requirements or guidance for a wastewater treatment plant's ability to 
> accept and treat certain chemicals such as benzene or other baddies, which

> might provide limits based on the type of wastewater treatment design,
> as trickling filter, activated sludge, etc.  Any thoughts?  Thanks!

One source you might consider for some of this information is a publication
available through the AIChE's Center for Waste Reduction Technologies

How to Implement Industrial Water Reuse: A Systematic Approach

A guide to help conceptual process designers and process operators
systematically incorporate the principles of water conservation, recycling,
and reuse into new plant, retrofit, and technology development designs. The
book includes technology summaries and case studies supporting this
systematic approach to water reuse.

Publish Date: 1996 
Pages: 112pp 
Price: $50.00
ISBN No: 0-8169-0675-0
Pub No: C-5

CWRT is currently commissioning the sequel to this document, but until this
is available, this document is highly recommended as a concise source of
information about specific water reclamation technologies, their
technological limits, and how they are put to use. 

Hope this helps.

Scott Butner (butner@battelle.org) 
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