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ASRs & Fecal Coliform Bacteria


The Governor & Legislature of Florida are reviewing a bill requiring an
aquifer exemption for aquifer storage & recovery (ASR) wells that do not
meet primary drinking water standards for coliform bacteria or  sodium&
monitoring requirement for such wells.

Can anyone tell me if this state legislation for ASRs can be implimented
without EPA approval and if the EPA does grant the ASR legislation exemption
for primary drinking water standards what effect will that have on the Safe
Drinking Water Act nationwide?

Thank you for your consideration of my inquiries.

Best Wishes,
Donald Sutherland
Member of the Society of Environmental Journalists
phone: 508-497-3676

You can find bill information on http://www.leg.state.fl.us

Senate 0854: Relating to Aquifer Storage & Recovery Wells
S854     GENERAL BILL/1ST ENG by Pruitt; (COSPONSORS) Bronson; Garcia;
Villalobos; Campbell; Klein; King; Horne; Smith; Latvala; Clary; Posey
(Similar CS/1ST ENG/H 0705)  Aquifer Storage & Recovery Wells; provides for
classifications,  permitting, & monitoring requirements for such wells;
requires aquifer  exemption for aquifer storage & recovery well that does
not meet primary  drinking water standards other than those re total
coliform bacteria or  sodium; requires DEP to enact rules re construction of
water wells in  certain locations & to make certain information available to
governmental agencies & public, etc. Creates 403.065; amends 373.309.
EFFECTIVE DATE: Upon becoming law.