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EPA Budget Info.

I apologize for cross postings.  An associate of mine sent this to me and I felt some of you might be interested.

Debra Jacobson

$7.3 Billion Proposed for EPA 
President [G.W. Bush] is requesting $7.3 billion for EPA from Congress as part of his fiscal year 2002 budget announced April 9.  The amount is $56 million more than President Clinton requested last year but about $500 million less than Congress appropriated in 2001.  The budget does include $450 million in infrastructure grants to states to address combined sewer overflows (CSO) and sanitary sewer overflows (SSO), but the budget only includes $850 million for the clean water state revolving loan fund (SRF).  The CSO and SSO money is authorized under the Wet Weather Water Quality Act, which was passed last year.  The clean water SRF was funded at $1.35 billion last year.  In addition, under the proposal EPA's Office of Enforcement and Compliance would receive a $7 million cut and be funded at 241.9 million.  The House of Representatives and the Senate will now work on their versions of a budget for 2002 before presenting a single bill to the President for his signature in the Fall.  For a full text of the President Bush's budget proposal to
Congress go to http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/budget/fy2002/budget.html    (JKS)

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