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Best EMS Guides?

Hello P2Techsters and interested others.  On behalf of the P2RX organization
(Rick Yoder representing), I am building a web Topic Hub on Environmental
Management Systems for the P2RX website (see
http://www.p2rx.org/topichub.htm for full details about Topic Hubs).  I will
be evaluating web-based resources for EMS and creating a catalog of
resources with various key words and fields.

There are LOTS of EMS resources on line now, so I thought I would call on
you for one of the things the web does best:  collaborative sharing of ideas
and recommendations.  I would like your suggestions for YOUR favorite EMS
resources on line.  These may be guidance manuals (we need these),
networking sites (like iso14000.com etc or the EPA EMS site), key
organizations that do great EMS work.

We are also interested to include best general Pollution Prevention/Cleaner
Production manuals.  Most P2 manuals prescribe lots of EMS-type stuff like
policies, team building, action plans, etc.  Some of the ones out there are
new and nifty (the Green Zia manual for example) and others are kinda dated
(The 1992 EPA Facility P2 guide for example).  For P2, we are only
interested in comprehensive manuals or guides that really integrate EMS
concepts, as opposed to industry-specific technical p2 guides for example.

So!  Now is the time to contribute to P2RX's efforts to compile the "Best of
P2 on the Web".  We will be most grateful if you can take a minute to think
of your two or three favorite EMS products or sites online, and email the
names and URLs to me at bhamner@cleanerproduction.com.  I will compile a
digest of responses and post it back out to P2Tech, as well as use it for
input to the Topic Hub effort.  It would be very helpful if you could scan
the P2RX webpage I listed above so you can see clearly what they are after.

Your recommendations (with URLs please please) are:

1:  Online EMS manuals, references, good sources, programs:

2:  Comprehensive online P2 manuals that include strong EMS elements:

Thanks very much for your input!  Off-beat suggestions are welcomed,
irrelevancies will at least be considered!

Burton Hamner
Seattle, WA