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EMS and P2

Aha--a chance for a discussion on whether EMSs actually cause P2 or
environmental improvement!  Does anyone have any data that shows that
ISO 14000 certification and/or implementation of an EMS can be linked to
implementation of P2 or other environmental improvement?  This is a
topic of ongoing debate here in CA.
Kelly Moran
TDC Environmental

Burton Hamner wrote:
> Hello P2Techsters and interested others.  On behalf of the P2RX organization
> (Rick Yoder representing), I am building a web Topic Hub on Environmental
> Management Systems for the P2RX website (see
> http://www.p2rx.org/topichub.htm for full details about Topic Hubs).  I will
> be evaluating web-based resources for EMS and creating a catalog of
> resources with various key words and fields.