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Re: EMS and P2

The debate continues. I cannot be as poetic as Scott, but here are some thoughts.
ISO-14001 or an EMS can lead to P2. Now this is not always the case, but from the
work we have done with the MSWG Pilots and other firms we see this as a trend.
Check out some case studies at our EMS site:

It is basically the same as with any company. Some would rather use end of pipe
treatment and some will do P2...of course a few will want to fight it out in
court. <g>. What an EMS does is provide a systematic way to approach environmental
management. This includes doing an impact/aspect analysis, which can lead to P2.
This is the approach we preach. What we have found is that companies will take the
P2 route. When the MSWG project is complete it should show whither an EMS will
produce enhanced env. performance. Until then all we have are good stories.

"Kelly D. Moran" wrote:

> Aha--a chance for a discussion on whether EMSs actually cause P2 or
> environmental improvement!  Does anyone have any data that shows that
> ISO 14000 certification and/or implementation of an EMS can be linked to
> implementation of P2 or other environmental improvement?  This is a
> topic of ongoing debate here in CA.
> Thanks,
> Kelly Moran
> TDC Environmental
> Burton Hamner wrote:
> >
> > Hello P2Techsters and interested others.  On behalf of the P2RX organization
> > (Rick Yoder representing), I am building a web Topic Hub on Environmental
> > Management Systems for the P2RX website (see
> > http://www.p2rx.org/topichub.htm for full details about Topic Hubs).  I will
> > be evaluating web-based resources for EMS and creating a catalog of
> > resources with various key words and fields.
> >

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