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recommended web service

I almost never recommend web services, but some of our international friends
are having a heck of a time getting faxes through.  But they get email!
Everyone should know about this FREE service that I use:  Efax.Com gives you
a free fax number that can receive just like a regular fax machine.  The
neat thing is that they EMAIL you the fax as an attachment.  It goes through
within minutes to your email.  You see and can print the faxes in a viewer
program.  I have used EFax for 3 years now and it is simply the handiest
thing.  I have my own fax line, free, that I can access from anywhere I can
get email, which now means absolutely everywhere.  If you have a hard time
getting more phone lines, or the lines are bad, or you just want a free fax
services, sign up at www.Efax.com.  They are quite reasonable in their
marketing (though as with any web service I recommend you get a free email
account at some service, and use it just for the efax service, that way you
can see who they sell your fax-only email name to!).  I have absolutely no
business interest in Efax of any kind, I am sending this message because I
have been trying to send a fax for 6 hours to Guatemala without success, and
they are emailing me that they can't get it!  If they had Efax this problem
would go away and I would not have to keep messing with the fax machine.
Hope this helps.
Burton Hamner
Seattle, WA