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Final Agenda and Expected Participants in Seattle P2 Workshop

Wow! Over 40 people from a dozen countries are already expected to join the
International Workshop on Pollution Prevention for Sustainable Cities in
Seattle, May 9-12.  See www.cleancities.net/announce.htm for full details!
Over 25 speakers from the region will be presenting the lessons learned
implementing programs to promote pollution, save cities money and improve
the economy.  This is the LAST CHANCE to join the workshop and meet a
fascinating group of participants as well as experts in a variety of hot
topics!  Check it out at www.cleancities.net/announce.htm!

We guessed that there is a global demand for PRACTICAL training in how to
manage resource and waste flows in cities, and we were right!  We hope you
will keep in touch because we hope to make this an annual event that can
grow and, more importantly, make it into your training schedule!
Burton Hamner
Seattle, WA