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Waste Shell Material

Hi Everyone,

We have a client who is looking for offsite recycling opportunities for  a shell material which  remains after sandblasting and shell removal.  The facility manufactures golf club heads and aviation parts using the investment casting process.

The shell material consists of a colloidal silica binder and a mixture of zircon flour, silica Scand., feldspar and carbon.  The process produces over 2500 tons of shell material and sandblast medium per year.

 The shell material seems to be an excellent candidate for a recycling use, as it is basically homogeneous and free of any significant contaminants, except for some tramp metal.  The company is investigating methods to remove the tramp metal and crush the material to a size that is suitable for potential recycling operations. 

We are seeking suggestions on recycling opportunities for the shell material. 

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.

Joel Blood

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