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FW: Update on MSWG website and ELI database (follow-on to P2/EMSthread)

Appropos last week's message thread regarding EMS and P2, and since I
mentioned the MSWG web site, thought I ought to forward this along.

Scott Butner (butner@battelle.org)

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From: Carol (Keri) B. Luly [mailto:keriluly@amethystgroupinc.com]
Sent: Monday, April 23, 2001 8:09 AM
Subject: MSWG website and ELI database

Hi, Scott,

Your message about P2 and ISO was forwarded to me and I wanted to let you
know of some updated info. Perhaps you can let the P2Tech folks know.

The Multi-State Working Group on EMS (MSWG) updates its website fairly
regularly but its address has changed. It can be found most easily at 

The ELI report and the data collection that you mentioned are part of a
project of the MSWG, with the Environmental Law Institute and the University
of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and funding from USEPA. It has taken a long
time and a lot of assistance to work with the companies that are supplying
the EMS data, but should be a rich source of information. the purpose is to
discover how a company operated before it implemented an EMS (baseline
data), how they went about designing one, and then regular updates of
baseline once the EMS is being implemented.

I would encourage P2Tech'ers to go to the MSWG website and see all the
projects going on, including the annual EMS workshop on June 4-5, plus
additional EMS events following it. MSWG is made up of government, business,
NGOs and academia--all of us interested in the public policy use of EMS, ISO
and otherwise. We meet quarterly in different parts of the country. A lot of
state P2 staff (and some of us former state employees) are part of MSWG and
we are always happy to see more participation!

Hope all is well up your way, Scott!


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