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Fw: Information on Indoor Air Quality

     The University of São Paulo-Brazil  is asking us to post
the following message , below.
      Please  e-mail directly to the adress mentioned.
                                   Wilson hatanaka
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From: Vera L. Siqueira Petillo
To: Wilson Hatanaka
Sent: Sunday, May 06, 2001 5:40 PM
Subject: Information on Indoor Air Quality

Dear Mr. Watanaka, please find below the information request on indoor air quality. Thanks in advance for your precious help on spreading my request to the international scientific community.
PS.: Please be free to contact me or to improve yourself the text in order to clarify it and guarantee a satisfactory feed back from the group.
Kind regards.
Vera Petillo.
University of São Paulo - Public Health- Environmental Health Department
Tel. 55 11 5683.7201 Fax 55 11 5683.7178
mail to vpetillo@amcham.com.br

"Regarding Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and surface cleaning products composition, I would like to know groups of study,information and papers about criterias, technical and regulatory guidelines to formulate low-emitting cleaning products, especially for disinfection. I mean, studies on new concepts to the development of chemical compositions with low volatil organic carbon (VOC) and low toxicity emission as a way to prevent chemical air pollution of indoor environments. Also, what are the standard techniques and methods (probably similar to the laboratory emission chambers or head space analysis) for analyse and characterize the sources and predict the emission rate of VOCs mainly directly from the cleaning product. The ultimate goal is to apply technology to the development of lower-emittig cleaning products aiming the maximum pollution prevention and IAQ improvement".