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My new contact info

To all my friends and compadres in P2:

I have recently changed jobs from the New Mexico Environment Department
(NMED), P2 Program Manager, to Los Alamos National Laboratory as a
University of California employee. The good news is that I am doing
pollution prevention at Los Alamos. This is a wonderful new challenge and
opportunity for me.

If anyone is interested, I can now be reached at patg@lanl.gov . My new
phone number is 505-667-2278 and my address is Los Alamos National
Laboratory, PO Box 1663, MS J591, Los Alamos, NM 87545.

Debra McElroy is the new acting P2 Coordinator in NM and can be reached at 
debra_mcelroy@nmenv.state.nm.us or at 505-827-0677.  Debra is just great 
and has been running the OSHA Voluntary Compliance Program for many 
years.  I am excited about her serving in this acting position for two 
reasons: first, she is a wonderful, bright enthusiastic person and 2; she 
will bring more health and safety to P2...the gap that we all recognize 
needs to be filled!

Pat Gallagher