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Re: EMS and P2

Well, here it is in May and I am finally getting around to reading my e-mail from the p2tech listserv.  My, what a life I live!

After reading Bob's and Scott's responses, I thought I would chime in on a personal experience.  A couple of years ago, no make that a century ago, in May 1999, John Marchetti held one of his biennial workshops in the beautiful (?) city of Albuquerque, NM.  During that workshop. my group was privileged to visit the Philips Semiconductor plant.  We reviewed their ISO 14000 certification and resulting program.  One of the phrases spoken that resounds in the hollows of my head (and believe me, there is plenty of room to resound) is:

"Our ISO certification reinvigorated our P2 program."

Results?  I am not sure.  However, at that time they believed that their certification was the key to continual waste reductions.  The people at that facility believe they are making a difference.  I think it would be worth your effort to talk with them.

You can find information here:  http://www.dp.doe.gov/dp45/p2/alb/ 

Good luck!


Kenny Steward
Pollution Prevention Group
Pantex Plant

>>> "Kelly D. Moran" <kmoran%tdcenvironmental.com@internet.pantex.com> 4/20/2001 >>>
Aha--a chance for a discussion on whether EMSs actually cause P2 or
environmental improvement!  Does anyone have any data that shows that
ISO 14000 certification and/or implementation of an EMS can be linked to
implementation of P2 or other environmental improvement?  This is a
topic of ongoing debate here in CA.
Kelly Moran
TDC Environmental

Burton Hamner wrote:
> Hello P2Techsters and interested others.  On behalf of the P2RX organization
> (Rick Yoder representing), I am building a web Topic Hub on Environmental
> Management Systems for the P2RX website (see
> http://www.p2rx.org/topichub.htm for full details about Topic Hubs).  I will
> be evaluating web-based resources for EMS and creating a catalog of
> resources with various key words and fields.