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MSWG National EMS Workshop June 4-5

Some of you may have received this information but just in case...

The Multi-State Working Group on Environmental Management Systems is hosting
the fourth national conference on environmental management systems:  
June 4-5,  2001
University of Pennsylvania Law School
Philadelphia, PA.  

A copy of the brochure is attached, in pdf format that prints on letter
sized paper.  We have invited some of the best speakers from around the
country to talk about a variety of topics related to environmental
management systems.  This is a great opportunity to network with business
professionals, government officials, policy experts, vendors and sponsors
about "how-to" implement an environmental management system that builds
value for your organization.    

If you would like to see a copy of the more detailed agenda, or need any
other information, please visit the website, www.mswg.org.  

Hope to see you there, 

Marianne Fitzgerald
Oregon Dept. of Environmental Quality
811 SW Sixth Avenue
Portland, OR   97204
phone (503) 229-5946
fax (503) 229-5850

 <<MSWG 2001 Brochure (Fax) rev 4-12-01.pdf>>