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Re: P2 and Inspections


In 1995, Ohio EPA started a pilot project to to test the feasibility of combining a multi-media focus and pollution prevention in environmental compliance inspections. 

Ohio EPA conducted a total of twenty (20) multi-media pollution prevention (M2P2) inspections.
The project included surveys of both Ohio EPA inspectors and facility representatives to gather
information on the effectiveness of the M2P2 inspections.

More details on Ohio EPA's M2P2 inspection pilot project is the report:
Evaluation of Ohio EPA's Multi-media, Pollution Prevention (M2P2) Inspection Pilot Project

available at:



Jeff Lewis
Ohio EPA/Office of Pollution Prevention
Lazarus Government Center
P.O. Box 1049
Columbus, Ohio 43216-1049
phone:  614.644.2812
fax:  614.644.2807

>>> Judy Dorsey <jdorsey@frii.com> 05/10/01 03:40PM >>>
Hello All,

I'm looking for examples (and results) where state or local governments 
have integrated pollution prevention into inspections of regulated 
facilities, either by having someone from the P2 program tagging along on 
media inspections, or by providing pollution prevention training to the 

Thanks so much,

Judy Dorsey
The Brendle Group, Inc.
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Fort Collins, CO 80525