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Re: p2 in inspections - take two

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) experimented (pilot project) with multimedia inspections with the initial idea being contemplated in August of 1998 and continued on into 1999.  Metal finishing, wood furniture, foundries, electric utilities, and pharmaceutical were the sectors of interest for this pilot project.
The general objectives were:
Improve Industry Compliance Rates, Make IDEM Work Smarter, Streamline Environmental Requirements Where Appropriate, Provide Incentives for Going Beyond Compliance, Improve Information to the Public, and Track Measures of Success
Sectors team were formed back in August 1998 to investigate and develop the projects starting with the general objectives.  The metal finishing sector eventually got rolled into the Strategic Goals Program - Metal Finishing which is an ongoing effort.
A screening checklist was developed for solo compliance inspections which includes a check for those who express an interest in P2/compliance assistance.  The lag time between inspection and the information reaching the P2/compliance assistance provider needs much improvement.  There are too many stops along the way given the electronic age we habitate.
The pilot improved communication among compliance and enforcement teams in different media (water, air, land).  The communication was awkward initially since different media inspectors use different methods for evaluating compliance (significant, minor, etc.).
For additional information on the results of the multimedia compliance pilot projects and/or SGP-metal finishing, contact Debbie Dubenetzky at: ddubenet@dem.state.in.us
For additional information on P2/compliance assistance outreach, contact me.
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>I'm looking for examples (and results) where state or local governments
>have integrated pollution prevention into inspections of regulated
>facilities, either by having someone from the P2 program tagging along on media inspections, or by providing pollution prevention training to the

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