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Reply-Re: Three wishes


I would tour the facility, ask a lot of questions and make a list of the potential "big hitters" and "low hanging fruit". I would then sit down with members of the management team and get their input as to the top three items to attack based on two criteria: a) speed of implementation and b) economic impact (environmental benefits are great, but not the main interest to a businessperson). I would get their consensus and commitment to implementation, establish three teams using recommended plant personnel and implement them as "Kaisen Blitzes" - fast implementation projects. Then I would publicize the results internally and ask for support on working down the list.


Hello, everyone.

I would like the group's ideas for an answer to this question. Assuming
limited budget and resources, what are the three most effective things one
could do to show very quick P2 results in an industrial facility? Assume no
one in the facility has ever heard of P2, and don't worry about specific
waste streams. "Results" could mean waste reduction, cost savings, reduction
in health risks, basic P2 education, etc.

For example:
- Issue a strongly supportive P2 policy statement from upper management.
- Identify and attack the facility's most pressing waste stream, then
publicize the results to show people what we mean.
- Create and deliver facility-wide P2 training.

I am interested in your ideas.


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