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(Fwd) [USCC] Compost Use in VOC Exhaust Gas Treatment

Dear P2techs: 
Has anyone heard of using compost for VOC absorption?  One of our 
state regulators forwarded the following email to me and I'd like to 
know if anyone knows of a shop (including woodshop) actually using 
this approach.
Thanks in advance,

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I just received this off the Composting Council Listserve.  It is an
interesting thought that we might be able to use the compost as a
biofilter and then reuse it as compost.  Have you ever heard of this
and what would be the possibility of trying this someplace in Kansas. 

We are seeing more interest from the agricultural community to do
something other than direct land application of manures and this 
use large quantities at a large facility.  Let me know your thoughts
and any research you might know of.


Ken Powell
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Hello, colleagues:

One of our regional air quality people asked me for advice on using
compost as a biofiltration system for small auto-body shops getting
odor complaints from their neighbors. These are small "at-home"
businesses that are too small to be permitted by the Division of Air
Quality.  The idea would be to install small compost biofilters to
scrub the exhaust gases from these body shop garages and paint 

I recall a couple of years ago, the AFMA was interested in using
compost for biofiltration of VOCs in exhaust gases from furniture
finishing booths. Does anyone know more about this research?

Has anyone had any experience in using compost for treating VOC's in
exhaust air? Would VOC breakthrough be the best way to ascertain that
the compost is "spent"? Would it be better to use immature, active
compost? Can the compost be regenerated for further use? Could it be
used as a soil amendment after use as a "scrubber"?

Thanks, all, for your time and for your advice!

Craig Coker
Composting Specialist
NC Division of Pollution Prevention & Environmental Assistance
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