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Re: refineries

Here in the Twin Cities, Koch Petroleum Group and the MN Center for
Environmental Advocacy (a local environmental group) have jointly created a
web site -- www.kochpinebend.com -- intended to allow the public to track
Koch's progress on meeting waste/emissions reduction goals at its Pine Bend
refinery.  Some things in the site that might prove helpful for you include:
a primer on refinery operations, specific pollution prevention practices in
place at Koch's Pine Bend refinery, and numerous links to other relevant

on 5/17/01 3:21 PM, Dana Codell at danacode@engr.colostate.edu wrote:

> I will be visiting two oil refineries next week to conduct energy
> efficiency and pollution prevention assessments.  As of yet, I do not
> know a lot about the equipment and practices involved in the refining
> process.  Any information regarding potential improvements that can be
> made in the process, or ideas on what I should look for during the
> assessments (P2 and E2 opportunities) would be a great help.
> Thanks,
> Dana Codell
> Industrial Assessment Center
> Colorado State University