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Re: Three wishes

In our shop, we have found that getting results, i.e., implementation, is
all about URGENCY and rewards.  Unfortunately, most plant managers,
production managers, quality managers, environmental managers, etc. are
forced to be firefighters in their daily work activities.  Therefore, unless
P2 is perceived as a pain-killer for a pressing crisis, P2 efforts are
unlikely to be backed by the time and money needed to yield implementation.
Also, if P2 activities are not expected (e.g., included as part of someone's
performance evaluation) or rewarded, then these activities will be viewed as
extra work -- and you all know how often people get around to doing extra

So, with that introduction, here's 3 wishes:

1. Have the head honcho establish a clear, firm reduction goal (e.g., we
will reduce our waste generation 50% in 2 years).  This creates urgency.

2. Establish an incentive program with tangible benefits that rewards staff
for P2 results (e.g., monetary bonuses, receiving a portion of cost savings,
trips to Hawaii, ...).  Such rewards, coupled with urgency, should yield
short term results.

3a. Because I can't help but think in the longer term, integrate P2
considerations/activities into product and process design.  There is much
greater opportunity and bang for the buck on the front end.  Optimizing
antiquated processes after the fact can be very limiting.  In some
industries, such as medical devices, pharmaceuticals, aviation and defense,
there are substantial barriers to changing products and processes after they
have been approved and implemented at a facility.  In these cases, the
design and development stages have the greatest potential for making
significant P2 changes.

3b. Find a genie in a bottle who will grant you 3 more wishes.

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on 5/16/01 9:41 AM, WasteMin@aol.com at WasteMin@aol.com wrote:

Hello, everyone. 

I would like the group's ideas for an answer to this question. Assuming
limited budget and resources, what are the three most effective things one
could do to show very quick P2 results in an industrial facility? Assume no
one in the facility has ever heard of P2, and don't worry about specific
waste streams. "Results" could mean waste reduction, cost savings, reduction
in health risks, basic P2 education, etc.

For example: 
- Issue a strongly supportive P2 policy statement from upper management.
- Identify and attack the facility's most pressing waste stream, then
publicize the results to show people what we mean.
- Create and deliver facility-wide P2 training.

I am interested in your ideas.


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