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re: refineries

Dana, et al.--

Please don't forget other energy opportunities such as lighting.  While not 
necessarily specific to refining, there's the example of a Premcor Refinery 
in Port Arthur, TX that plans to save approximately $172,000 per year in 
electric energy costs by using low glare, fully shielded, lower wattage 
lights.  See item in the International Dark-Sky Association June '01 
newsletter at http://www.darksky.org/ida/newsltrs/40-49/nl45.html . 

IDA http://www.darksky.org/ and the Virginia Outdoor Lighting Taskforce 
http://www.volt.org/ are good sources for information on outdoor lighting 
efficiency.  Those organizations are interesting in protecting a threatened 
resource--the dark starry night--from light pollution.  But from a more 
conventional P2 perspective saved energy means reduced air emissions as well 
as water and waste impacts.

DOE has some resources and programs for steam, compressed air, and pumps and 
motors.  See http://www.oit.doe.gov/bestpractices/ for some resources, 
software, and other tools the refineries may find useful.

I hope this is helpful.

Rodney Sobin
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I will be visiting two oil refineries next week to conduct energy
efficiency and pollution prevention assessments.  As of yet, I do not
know a lot about the equipment and practices involved in the refining
process.  Any information regarding potential improvements that can be
made in the process, or ideas on what I should look for during the
assessments (P2 and E2 opportunities) would be a great help.

Dana Codell
Industrial Assessment Center
Colorado State University