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Fwd: RE: refineries

You must be very careful using PINCH technology.  It helps flatten the 
energy curves by adding additional heat exchange devices.  These devices 
get fouled (reduced heat transfer capacity) and need to be cleaned 
often.  This cleaning creates additional hazardous waste.  While it is 
possible to reduce energy and lower benzene emissions, you must trade off 
this increase in hazardous waste.  I am not sure that the trade-off is a 
good one.  This was examined in the EPA-Amoco Yorktown Refinery project 
and, I believe, PINCH was NOT implemented.  The developers of the 
technology fail to tell you about the tradeoffs.  So who said P2 is 
easy?  This is a great example of energy reduction expertise operating 
independently of pollution prevention expertise.  One should not separate 
these items in practice.  However, it is often done.

Bob Pojasek

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>Dana --
>though you may need to use a specialist to help you with the methodology, if
>the refinery has not already done so they should consider evaluating the
>plant using the so-called "Pinch" technology (see for example,
>http://www.linnhoffmarch.com/Resources/WhatIsPinch/pinint1.htm).  The method
>was pioneered by B. Linhoff, but has been applied and extended by numerous
>others and is essentially a thermodynamic analysis method for identifying
>opportunities for heat recovery in complex process plants.   This can often
>be a very effective means of identifying significant energy use reductions
>in plants, and has the advantage of a fairly high degree of industrial


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