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RE: Narrowing the Search

Title: RE: Narrowing the Search

Hi Deborah,

I was involved in a workgroup that led to development of a UL standard for small distillation units (<60 gallons).  This web site has a good description of the history. 


Make sure the still you get has been tested and UL listed per UL 2208.  Since manufacturers will mention this in marketing materials, an internet search on "listed UL 2208" should turn up some good leads.  Good luck.  ac

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Subject: Narrowing the Search


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            MacCormac, Deborah
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            Subject: Narrowing the search

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    Dear P2'ers
    Our client is looking to purchase a quality, small affordable acetone
    distillation unit as well as a  water dionization unit. We are having a
    heck of a time in the maze of the net and equipment cataloges.
    Would anyone in this system be able to recommend reputable suppliers,
    either national suppliers or any in the southeast region that we could
    contact? Company names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers anything would be
    greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for any help offered.

    Deborah MacCormac
    P2 Co-ordinator
    Florida Dept. of Environmental Protectio