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An Ohio automotive parts manufacturer replaced a traditional oil filter on an automated lathe machine
with an oil mist eliminator.  The oil mist eliminator captures and returns for reuse 53% more oil.

The oil mist eliminator prevents oil mist from escaping the machine and separates contaminants from the oil
electrostatically and returns the oil for reuse.

Employees notice mush less oil loss (and resulting clean-up), longer oil-life, reduced maintenance and

The oil mist eliminator was purchased from I.E.S. 2000 Inc.

I can send you (or FAX) a short write-up if you are interested.


Jeff Lewis
Ohio EPA/Office of Pollution Prevention
Lazarus Government Center
P.O. Box 1049
Columbus, Ohio 43216-1049
phone:  614.644.2812
fax:  614.644.2807

>>> "RUSSELL, JAMES ALEXANDER" <RUSSELLJ@engr.sc.edu> 05/25/01 12:55PM >>>
Hello P2'ers,

I am searching for an innovative way to deal with oil mists from an injector
calibration process.  It seems like such a waste to run a 30hp mist
collector motor full time and collect the mist with filters and activated

Does anyone know of any other methods--- electrostatic or some form of

Thanks for any help you can give,

Jamie Russell
Graduate Research Assistant
V: 803 777 0731
F: 803 777 0106