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P2 guides for meetings, confs, trade shows

Hi P2Tech.  The search engines don't help very well with this query, I hope
you can give me some tips:

The Thailand Inst for Envir, which does lots of P2 stuff, is asking me for
guides to P2 and Cleaner Production for the organizers of trade shows,
conventions and meetings.  So "P2 for meetings" is something I am searching
for.  Also does anyone know of a large-scale industry trade show or
convention that has made a special P2 effort, more case studies are good.

Seems to me like a little P2 effort could save a big trade show a lot of
money; if so, they would probably be willing to swap free booth/exhibit
space to a P2 program that gave them a little assistance.  Might be a nice
way to get more free exposure to a target audience.

I did find a nice online article about greening conventions at
it features the annual meeting of "Meeting Professionals International "
trade group, no less!  So it is a good one to print out and distribute to
show organizers.

If yall send enough tips in to P2TECH I will compile a digest and post it.
Burton Hamner
Seattle, WA