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oil mist collector

I have seen an oil mist collector made by Farr, model TM-33 (phone # 800-333-7320) at a metal fabrication company that makes specialty dies. The bulletin for this machine says  it has 3 filtration stages. The first collects large mist particles and machined by-products. The second is a disposable medium efficiency pleated filter. The third is a high performance industrial grade deep pleated filter that collects mist and dust not visible to the naked eye.  Overall, the collector is 97% efficient on oil mist and 99% efficient on other particulates. The air is recirculated back into the plant. This comes in 4 different sizes - 1hp, 2hp, 3hp, and 5hp. So, 30hp seems like a lot - do you think it is just a lot bigger, i.e. collecting more, or is the higher hp required by the electrostatic precipitator? 

Also, the company says they have switched to using water and coolant rather than oil. The water and coolant can be recirculated at the machine rather than going through the mist collector. 

I went to the company because the local air agency wanted an air permit for the collector. There is an exemption for a 4 hp blower, but the company had the 5 hp model. It was a real pain. The 4 hp model would have worked fine, but the company didn't know anything about permits, etc. The regulators wanted  a complete mass balance showing that it would emit less than 10 lbs/day. Sure, I'll get right on that one. I think I finally convinced them that there was no way 10 lbs were escaping. So, if you end up making a change, consider the regulatory implications.

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