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P2 / CP Job Opportunity in Central America

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To: p2tech@great-lakes.net
From: Joe Pringle <Joe.Pringle@paconsulting.com>
Subject: P2 / CP Job Opportunity in Central America

 > Senior Long Term Advisors - Central America
 > PA Consulting Group is currently seeking Senior Long Term Advisors for a
 > 4-year, USAID funded project focused on improving industrial and municipal
 > environmental management in Central America.
 > Requirements for this position:
 > - A Master's degree in environmental engineering, environmental science,
 > urban management, or a related field
 > - A minimum of 15 years experience in pollution prevention, environmental
 > management, or industrial or municipal waste management
 > - Experience  working in Latin America
 > - Fluency in Spanish
- USAID project management experience is preferred

 > The role requires relocation to Guatemala City, Guatemala.   Living and
 > housing allowances will be provided.
 > Responsibilities include: overall project management for activities
 > throughout Central America, technical and administrative supervision of
 > staff and cooperating groups in each country, and project reporting.
 > Project activities include development and implementation of programs to
 > encourage the adoption of pollution prevention by municipalities and
 > private sector companies.  While the project will focus on promoting the
 > use of technologies that reduce water pollution, it will also address
 > other pollution problems, such as air contamination and inefficient energy
 > use.  A key aspect of the assignment will be coordination and
 > collaboration with other USAID-contractors working on environmental issues
 > in Central America.
 > Candidates should have extensive management and team building experience
 > in developing countries, and experience with USAID policy based programs
 > is preferred.  They must be multi-disciplinary with strong industrial or
 > municipal environmental management or related credentials.  Strong
 > institutional development experience is also required.  Candidates should
 > bring excellence in collaborative consensus building activities and
 > conducting counterpart dialogue at all levels.
 > Independent Contractors are also encouraged to apply.
 > Fax resume to: 202.466.0852
 > Email resume to: resumes1@paconsulting.com
 > Attn: IDSEGIE0518
 > WWW.paconsulting.com
 > *PA Consulting Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer