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FW: Fibre drum disposal/recycler

Hello P2tech Members,

I am looking for a company that can facilitate the disposal/recycling of 45 
gallon fibre drums from a food processing plant in the St.Marys, Ontario, 
Canada area (St.Marys is approximately 40 km NE of London, Ontario).  The 
drums in question are composed of a heavy cardboard with a metal ring at 
the top and bottom for support. They were originally used to transport food 
ingredients (relish, hot sauce...whatever the recipe required) and have 
been thoroughly rinsed out.  If anyone can provide some guidance, it would 
be appreciated.

Jamie Austin
Environmental Services Coordinator
244 Pall Mall Street
London, ON  N6A 5P6
Tel: (519) 439-2541
Fax: (519) 439-8381
Email: inquiries@emrcb.on.ca
URL: www.emrcb.on.ca