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RE: Fiber drum disposal/recycler

It seems odd that fiber drums would be used to hold food-stuffs without the
use of a liner.  Are we getting the whole story here?  

*	Perhaps the drums could be returned to the source for re-use if a
liner is used...the need to rinse the drums and generate waste water would
also be reduced.
*	Purchasing in bulk containers, or working from tank storage, could
eliminate the drums, and the need to rinse, if the product can be line-fed
to the process.  Work with the supplier for improved raw material packaging.
*	If the metal rings are removed for recycling, the drums may also be
recyclable as a low-grade cardboard, or at least suitable for use as fuel in
a wood or coal-fired boiler (assuming there's not an air permit to observe).
*	Many sites re-use fiber drums for in-house waste/trash collection or
for collecting recyclables.
*	Could the drums be given to employees or marketed to other
businesses?  Any waste exchanges in the area?
*	A composting operation could probably incorporate the drums as a
carbon source but they would need to be chipped or ground-up.
*	If shredded, the drums may be suitable for use as animal bedding.


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Hello P2tech Members,

I am looking for a company that can facilitate the disposal/recycling of 45 
gallon fiber drums from a food processing plant in the St.Marys, Ontario, 
Canada area (St.Marys is approximately 40 km NE of London, Ontario).  The 
drums in question are composed of a heavy cardboard with a metal ring at 
the top and bottom for support. They were originally used to transport food 
ingredients (relish, hot sauce...whatever the recipe required) and have 
been thoroughly rinsed out.  If anyone can provide some guidance, it would 
be appreciated.

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