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re: driveway coatings


Also check out PennzSuppress¨ D.  That dust suppression product has been
certified under CalEPA's CalCert program.  News release follows:

NEWS RELEASE     April 24, 2001

Contact:  William L. Rukeyser (916) 324-9670
Melissa Meuser (916) 445-6023
Tam Doduc  (916) 327-5789


SACRAMENTO, CA Ż The California Environmental Protection Agency today
announced that its CalCert environmental technology certification
program has given its seal of approval to the PennzSuppress¨ D dust
suppressant manufactured by Pennzoil-Quaker State Company.  When used
according to the manufacturer∆s instructions, the PennzSuppress¨ D
reduces fugitive dust emissions from unpaved roads without adversely
affecting water quality.

ŰThe certification of PennzSuppress¨ D innovative dust suppressant Ż the
first multi-media certification Ż represents a significant milestone for
the CalCert environmental technology certification program,Ų said
Cal/EPA Secretary Winston Hickox.  ŰCalCert has become the śgold
standard∆ of environmental technology certification programs.  The
products and processes that receive the CalCert seal of approval have
gone through a rigorous testing and evaluation process.  Only those
products and processes that truly demonstrate environmental benefits
receive Cal/EPA certification.Ų

PennzSuppress¨ D dust suppressant relies upon its high carbon-index
resin to agglomerate a road∆s soil particles and increase the cohesion
among the aggregate particles.  The agglomeration of finer dust
particles into larger masses increases the particle size and weight of
dust-prone particles, thereby reducing the amount of dust generated by
passing vehicles on unpaved roads.  Because of its low solubility in
water, PennzSuppress¨ D is not influenced by moisture in the atmosphere
and, thus, can be used in both arid and humid environments.  The
reduction of PM10 emissions from unpaved roads is part of Cal/EPA∆s
strategy to achieve and maintain healthful air quality in California.

Cal/EPA established the CalCert environmental technology certification
program in 1994, working with the private sector to advance development
and marketing of new pollution prevention and cleanup products.  The
program certifies the effectiveness of emerging environmental
technologies, thereby lending them instant credibility to products and
processes, making it easier to gain regulatory and market acceptance.

CalCert has certified more than 100 technologies, from additives that
detoxify water pollutants to thin-film technology that converts sunlight
to electricity.  CalCert is a voluntary program that provides a thorough
review of test and field data, independent peer review and, if
necessary, additional testing that ultimately leads to recognition by
the Cal/EPA certification program.  For more information about CalCert,
visit http://www.calepa.ca.gov/calcert or call (916) 327-5789.

Rodney Sobin
Innovative Technology Manager
Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
P.O. Box 10009				629 E.Main St.
Richmond VA 23240-0009		Richmond VA 23219-2429
Tel. 804-698-4382
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From: "Snyder, Mark" <mark.snyder@moea.state.mn.us>, on 06/04/2001 11:33 AM:
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Hi all,

I received this question from a co-worker on behalf of a local county officer:

"I have a local company inquiring as to environmentally friendly options for
coating their dirt driveway in order to reduce dust from trucks (as compared
to spraying oil on the driveway).  Any thoughts or suggestions? What are "the
latest" options or trends?  Do you have any information?"

Any suggestions are appreciated.



Mark Snyder
Pollution Prevention Specialist
Business Assistance Unit
Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance

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