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New Sustainable development links available at SD ONLINE (R1)

Title: New Sustainable development links available at SD ONLI
Dear Reader,

We have added 79 new SD links to SD ONLINE databases. Below is a list of the latest additions. If you looking for interesting educational resources, policy initiatives or new eco businesses make SDO your first research option.

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1. Industrial Ecology - Methodology and practical challenges in industry
14/6/2001 - 15/6/2001, Trondheim, Norway

2. Education for the Sustainable Development of Tourism
24/9/2001 - 27/9/2001, Managua, Nicaragua

3. U.S. and Canadian Municipal Leaders Rio+10 Preparation Meeting
20/6/2001 - 22/6/2001, Ann Arbor, U.S.A.

4. Paradox III
21/9/2001 - 23/9/2001, Arcosanti, U.S.A.

5. The International Conference on Global Warming and The Next Ice Age
19/8/2001 - 24/8/2001, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

6. Conference on Justice and Poverty: Examining Sen's Capability Approach
5/6/2001 - 7/6/2001, Cambridge, United Kingdom

7. 4th International Children's Conference on the Environment
22/5/2002 - 24/5/2002, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

8. 7th Biennal Conference of the International Society for Ecological Economics
6/3/2002 - 9/3/2002, Sousse, Tunisia

9. Energy and Quality of Life
29/11/2001 - 1/12/2001, Vadodara , India

10. 2001 CIVICUS World Assembly
19/8/2001 - 28/8/2001, Vancouver, Canada

1. Ecotourismlatino / Ecoturismolatino 
Business Community
2. New Urbanism
3. CBNRM Net   
Business Community Policy
4. Urbanizam.net       
Business Community Research
5. The Factor 10 Institute     
Business Community Policy
6. Society Factor 4+
Business Community Policy

1. Sustainable metrics

2. Sustainable Design Awards 2001

3. TCAce

4. Nicaragua AgriTech

5. ISO 14000 Implementation Software

6. Design System 4.0

7. EcoScan 3.0

8. KCL-ECO 3.0

9. Flying off to a warmer climate?

10. Indicators of Climate Change in the UK

1. Ecovillage Training 
Location: Findhorn Forres, United Kingdom, Starts: March 2002

2. Masters Programme in Solar Energy Engineering       
Location: Borlänge , Starts: August 2001

3. Impact Assessment for Sustainable Development: Integrating Environmental Assessment with Economic and Social Appraisal      
Location: Manchester, United Kingdom, Starts: September 2001

4. Collaborative Processes in Environmental Conflict Management
Location: Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica, Starts: June 2001

5. Environmental Management for Sustainable Development
Location: Brussels, Belgium, Starts: October 2001

1. The Biodiversity Economics Site     

2. Business Environmental Partnership  

3. IPAMEI      

4. Environmental Learning Package (elp)

5. SCEMP and Ecoshare Supplier Toolkit 
6. Environmentally Superior Products

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