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ISSUE 3                    unepfi.net                          MAY 2001



UNEP FI catalyses 2001-2002 activities
unepfi.net - better URL, better look, better services.
UNEP FI and the GRI
Export Credit Agencies and the Environment.
UNEP FI Working Groups: Tools, Actions, Results.  


June 25, 2001

Following the launch of its new 2001-2002 work programme in Frankfurt in February, 2001,
the UNEP FI Joint Steering Committee meets 25 June on the premises of insurance giant,
CGNU, in London. The group of 20 plus bank, insurance, and asset management executives
who steer UNEP FI will discuss UNEP FI activities in the build up to the World Summit for
Sustainable Development in South Africa in 2002 and the earlier UN Finance for Development
meeting that takes place in Mexico in March 2002. 

April 20 2001

At UNEP FI our key foci are action and networking, and our website is being redesigned with these
foremost in mind. unepfi.net will bring a host of new services to our users in the coming months:

rather than viewing the internet as a separate process, we fully integrate its strengths into all of our projects,
conferences and meetings.  unepfi.net is more than a place to find information, it is an e-conferencing centre
where information can be debated and exchanged at any time and from
any internet access point on the globe. For example the new site will include:

- e-networking before face2face events will give our clients added focus and preparation time.
- expert chats will bring groups together to discuss and debate new publications and processes.
- online document exchange capability will allow clients to post and debate documents for and with others.
- online professional development programmes designed by experts for experts. 
- streaming media from our events will allow clients to watch and listen to our events
from any internet access point. 

In addition to this, unepfi.net will continue to provide high quality information
and documents on our activities and on the finance and sustainable development interface in general.

16 May 2001

Anthony Sampson, CGNU, Chair of the UNEP FI Environmental Management and Reporting (EM&R)
work group, met with Allen White, Interim Director, GRI, in Paris on 16 May. The meeting explored how
UNEP FI's EM&R group can contribute to GRI's effort to create sectoral reporting guidelines for the finance sector.
There was an agreement to explore in greater detail a mutually beneficial form of collaboration between GRI and UNEP FI.
UNEP FI's EM&R group is working to create an international environmental reporting tool for financial institutions
worldwide and building on earlier work of the FORGE Group in the UK and the
 Environmental Performance Indicators (EPI) work of the Swiss-German financial community.

A Workshop for Export Credit Agencies and UNEP FI Signatories
October 2001

The UNEP Finance Initiatives, in collaboration with UNEP Energy and various ECAs,
is developing a workshop that will gather members of the Finance Initiatives (FI) and ECAs
to examine environmental questions relevant to the finance, insurance and export guarantee sectors.

The thrust of the workshop will be the exchange of information and experience that will help participating
companies and agencies efficiently and successfully take into consideration environmental concerns in project approval.
The one and a half day workshop is tentatively scheduled for mid October 2001in Paris and will comprise four fora:

Raising Environmental Awareness
Task specific training
Sustainability and Investment Instruments
Environmental Professional Development Programme (EPDP).

For more information on this workshop, please do not hesitate to contact
Mark Sanctuary at mark.sanctuary@unep.ch.

UNEP FI WORKING GROUPS: Tools, Actions, Results.  

Asset Management
>> Learn more online: unepfi.net/am

Following discussions between the UNEP FI secretariat and steering committees
the UNEP FI Asset Management working group is being relaunched under Rob Lake,
Henderson Global Investors, with a revitalized work programme (now available online).

The working group will initially explore the principal strategies available to asset
managers to encourage a response to the sustainable development agenda through
their equity investment activities. This work will be underpinned by a review of investment
and sustainability megatrends and a review of corporate governance practices.

Environmental Management and Reporting

The UNEP FI working group on Environmental Management & Reporting (EM&R),
chaired by Anthony Sampson, CGNU, is building on the earlier work of the
FORGE Group in the UK and the Environmental Performance Indicators (EPI)
developed by the Swiss-German finance community, to create an international
EMR tool for the financial sector worldwide.

With representatives from 19 companies, the UNEP FI EM&R Group is globally representative.
Additionally, a larger associates group ensures that the experience of the 19 members of
the working group itself is further strengthened by perspectives from a wider range of financial
institutions which are free to comment on the process to develop a practical EM&R tool.
The UNEP FI working group intends to publish its EMR Tool during the UNEP FI 2002 Roundtable,
scheduled for 14-15 March, 2002, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
is assisting UNEP FI EM&R with the co-ordination of its work.

Climate Change
>> Learn more online: unepfi.net/cc

The UNEP FI Climate Change Working Group held a conference call at the end of May 2001,
bringing together bankers and insurers from around the globe and starting a work programme
that delivers a clear message defining a proactive and visible role for banking and insurance on
the Climate Change challenge. 

The message is being delivered at a series of conferences the first of which is a panel event is
planned for UNFCCC's COP6bis in Bonn, Germany this July.  Further events are planned for
conferences on the build up to WSSD 2002, South Africa. One of the principal positions of the
working party is to provide proactive and concrete financial products and services to address
climate change. 

The Finance Initiatives is in a powerful position, poised to promote new business opportunities
that will direct investment towards more climate friendly projects and address the risks tied
to climate change, both financial and environmental.




Copyright 2001 - UNEP FI

The UNEP FI BULLETIN is a monthly publication of the
United Nations Environment Programme's Finance Initiatives: Innovative financing for sustainability
Economics and Trade Unit
Division of Technology, Industry and Economics
United Nations Environment Programme

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