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Re: driveway coatings

Hi Mark

There are a number of vegetable oil-based dust suppressants currently
available.  A significant market for these products is equine centers, where
the use of petroleum oils has been restricted.  It might be worthwhile to
speak to someone at a local equine center to pick their brain about their
experience/lessons learned from using these products.

The Institute for Local Self Reliance (ILSR) has a great program called the
Carbohydrate Economy that focuses on educating people about bio-based
alternatives to petroleum-based materials.  You can find a lot of good
information about vegetable oil-based dust suppressants and the companies
that make/sell these alternative products by going to their website
(www.carbohydrateeconomy.org) and doing a keyword search for "dust".  One of
the companies that pops up from this search is Environmental Dust Control,
located in Currie, MN (507-763-3481 or www.dustlock.com).

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on 6/4/01 9:33 AM, Snyder, Mark at mark.snyder@moea.state.mn.us wrote:

> Hi all,
> I received this question from a co-worker on behalf of a local county officer:
> "I have a local company inquiring as to environmentally friendly options for
> coating their dirt driveway in order to reduce dust from trucks (as compared
> to spraying oil on the driveway).  Any thoughts or suggestions? What are "the
> latest" options or trends?  Do you have any information?"
> Any suggestions are appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Mark
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