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State Enviro Accounting & P2


I am researching state government filing transparency of financial
environmental performance using codified Government Accounting Standards
Boards standards.

David Dean, director of research at Government Accounting Standards Board
(GASB) (http://www.gasb.org) informs me:

"With GASB statement No.34, environmental liabilities will be pulled into
government activities statements and will be recorded as under the year
incurred, not the year they are paid."

"In the case where a state and or municipality is a primary potential
responsible party to a Superfund site or any waste landfill, liability and
cleanup costs are to be reported as they are being used now and not under
post closure case reporting which can run five, ten, or even sixty years
down the road."

GASB also informs me statement No.34 under Phase 1 is effective June 15th,
2001 for states and local budgest with $100 million or more in annual

Does anyone know if this auditing and accounting has taken place in any

And how does state financial environmental accounting under GASB compliment
state pollution prevention programs and community sustainability programs?

Best Wishes,
Donald Sutherland
Member of the Society of Environmental Journalists
phone: 508-497-3676

State, Local Governments Must Meet New Environmental Accounting Standard