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RE: Plaster process waste

	Provided the plaster or water is not contaminated by other
constituents, consider:
	* Using the plaster as clean fill...check with your local
environmental 		  regulatory agency about regulations defining clean
fill and it's applications.  	  (Plaster may not be suitable as fill
considering it crushes easily.)
	* If crushed to a pre-determined spec, the plaster could maybe be
used as 	  aggregate...low-grade cement, road construction, parking
areas, pipe bedding, 	  etc.
	* Provided product quality is not adversely affected, consider
re-grinding some 	  of the material for re-use in the next batch.
	* Wastewater may also be suitable for re-use in subsequent
batches...some 	  filtration may be needed.
	* What are the chemical properties of the water and
plaster...particularly pH?  	  If the pH of the water is high enough
there may be an agricultural application.  	  The waste plaster should
be suitable for land application if crushed.
	* Use of waste plaster for mine reclamation.
	* As an ingredient in another industrial process. 

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Subject: Plaster process waste

Dear P2 Specialists:

I am sure some of you have worked with companies that make plaster molds as
part of a manufacturing process.  I am looking for a suggestion on how best
prevent or deal with the excessive waste water and plaster that results from
the process.

The company I am working with makes plaster molds as part of a temporary
tooling process.  The waste generated results in about (6) 55 gallon drums
each day and is 30-40% plaster and 60-70% water.  Short of pressing or
draining the water off to the POTW and then letting plaster dry for solid
waste disposal, does anyone have any suggestions.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Nancy J. Larson
Industrial Pollution Prevention Specialist
KSU Pollution Prevention Institute
316/722-7721 ext.254