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7th ERCP News-3

[Listmanager note: FYI re. proceedings of the 7th European Roundtable on 
Cleaner Production. The sender is not a member of P2Tech.]

We  are  happy to announce that the 7th ERCP was held successfully in Lund, 
Sweden during 2 - 4 May 2001. More than 560 professionals from more than 50 
countries attended this important event. The 7th ERCP included 37 workshops 
spread  throughout  the  three  days,  panel  discussions  and  debates. In 
addition, an environmental exhibition was held in parallel to the sessions, 
where   more   than   25   organisations   and  companies  exhibited  their 
environmentally sound products, processes  and services.

The final report of the 7th ERCP, including many aspects of the event such 
as workshop reports, photos and evaluation results, will be available on 
our website by the end of June.  Please visit the website for updates about 
the event: http://www.lu.se/IIIEE/ercp/

In addition, we are happy to announce that the proceedings of the 7th ERCP 
are now for sale. The materials include:

a) A CD-ROM of the 170 complete manuscripts submitted for the 7th ERCP;
b ) A diskette including 17 additional manuscripts that were processed 
after the publication of the CD-ROM;
c) A diskette including abstracts submitted for presentation at the 7th 
ERCP and short descriptions of each of the 37 workshops that took place 
during the Roundtable.

Additionally, we would like to re-remind the participants of the 7th ERCP, 
who have not filled out the evaluation form, to please take 5 minutes and
complete the on-line evaluation form that is found at: 
http://eval.citu.lu.se/eval/pub/7698/default.asp. Thank you for your 
feedback. Your assessment will be summarized and included in the final 
report of the 7th ERCP.

Enjoy the summer! (in the northern hemisphere of course)

Best regards,

Don Huisingh, Chairperson of the 7th ERCP
Bahar Keskin, Coordinator of the 7th ERCP (until the end of June!)