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Re: Looking for viewpoints

Title: Re: Looking for viewpoints
For starters, try:

“Mercury in Healthcare Facilities:  Where It Is and How To Get Rid of It”.  
The article can be found at:  http://www.sfms.org/sfm/sfm301e.htm

Some of the information is applicable to other industries/non-healthcare facilities trying to reduce Hg.   -Stephanie
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On 6/19/01 10:45 AM, "Adams.Brian@epamail.epa.gov" <Adams.Brian@epamail.epa.gov> wrote:

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> I am trying to get some viewpoints regarding Hg pollution prevention. As
> Program Development Intern with the USEPA, my queries are only preliminary.
> If anyone has some aspect of Hg pollution prevention they would like to
> discuss, I would be more than happy to ask a few questions regarding Hg
> reduction methods and allowance trading programs. Please reply, your help
> is appreciated muchly!
> Cordially,
> Brian C. Adams, Program Development Intern
> Adams.Brian@epamail.epa.gov
> 202-564-0162