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P2 ROI / savings info

Hi everyone, 
As part of a statewide strategic EMS development for PennDOT, we are
exploring P2/E2 opportunities based upon an audit sampling of PennDOT
facilities that we have been working with PA DEP on. We are currently
compiling a P2/E2 guidance manual for PennDOT, and we are finding very
little resources pertaining to potential savings and ROI from certain P2
projects. The P2 areas in the list below are areas that should have some
sort of quantifiable return and savings, but we are lacking detailed
information. Does anyone have any information on ROI/savings (environmental
and economic) on these aspects?  Thanks in advance for your pointers.

*	Green landscaping
*	Integrated Pesticide Management, Natural / biological pesticide
practices, and similar Pesticide Mgmt Practices
*	Green Chemical Use / Chemical Replacement (since this is vague, I am
particularly focusing on vehicle maintenance fluids and janitorial
maintenance products)
*	Paper Reduction (e.g. through Intranet development, computer and
electronic document management training, 
*	Green Building Practices
*	Enzymatic and/or Aqueous Parts Washers
*	Vehicle Maintenance Fluids (e.g. use of antifreeze recycling
systems, on-board filtering, etc.)
*	Closed-loop Vehicle Wash Facilities

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