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Re: how long does it take to ramp up a program


You raise an interesting and difficult question because it is not clear when a program can be said to be "ramped up".  In pollution prevention we often talk about continuous improvement and, in my view, pollution prevention programs have only scratched the surface in most organizations.  We want quick, cheap and easy answers but to truly make a difference it takes time, significant investment and hard work.  Perhaps the best model to try and answer your question is with the agriculture extention programs at universities.  A good discussion of this and other examples of implementation of change is in E Rogers book "Diffusion of Innovations" 4th edition, Free Press, New York, 1995.  If you study that book I think you will begin to undertstand what it takes.

Gary Miller

on technology diffusion.At 03:07 PM 06/25/2001 -0700, Tepfer, Freda wrote:

I am looking for information on how long it takes to ramp up programs that involve behavior change by businesses and consumer awareness of the programs. 

In my case we are dealing with a business recognition/certification program.

How may years does it take before there is some public awareness and use of the program in purchasing decisions . 

How many years does it take for a meaningful number of businesses to agree to  go through the certification process and make the needed changes. 

How long does it take to produce some meaningful amount of environmental bang for the buck for such a program. 

Thanks for your help


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