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ingredients in household cleansers

I'm working on a project for the NRDC where the goal is to mount a web page
that people can visit in order to answer some questions about the pesticides
and cleansers they use in their home (or pay to have used).  The website
will then calculate the visitor's personal toxicity score and give them some
helpful tactics for reducing their score.  (Hopefully, the site will
eventually be expanded to include other home exposure items as well as local
and global toxics.)

At any rate, in order to arrive at this personal toxicity score, we're
assigning the toxic ingredients found in cleansers and pesticides a value
that represents their degree of toxicity (a long story in and of itself).
I'm having a heck of a time relating these ingredients back to brand name
products.  Can anyone point me to a database of household cleansers and
their ingredients?  Cleansers have active ingredients listed by % on their
label, but I'm hoping we can find a comprehensive source for this

Thanks a bunch.


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