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University-Town Integrated Waste Management System

Thu July 5, 2001


The Pollution Prevention Internship Program and the Office
of Sustainability Programs at University of New Hampshire
(UNH) are coordinating with UNH facilities, Health and
Safety, Purchasing, and our Town (Town of Durham,NH) in the
development of an Integrated Waste Management System (IWMS).
Successful design and implementation of a single IWMS for
the town (Durham) and our university (UNH) will advance good
public administration while supporting the teaching,
research, and extension mission of the university.

We would very much like to contact other universities who
are undertaking similar efforts. If you are involved in
similar efforts, or if you know someone who is involved in a
university-town integrated waste management system please
let me know. Thanks.

Have a nice day.
Ihab Farag 603-862-2313

Ihab H. Farag, Sc.D., P.E.         * E-Mail: ihab.farag@unh.edu  or
Robert C. Davison Professor        *         ihf@hypatia.unh.edu
Chemical Engineering Department    * Phone Off: (603) 862-2313
University of New Hampshire        *      home: (603) 868-5603
33 College Rd (255 Kingsbury Hall) *      Fax : (603) 862-3747
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