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secondary smelting and chemical manufacturing


I am trying to identify opportunities to achieve real environmental results
through p2 and/or compliance assistance to the chemical manufacturing and
secondary smelting industries.

If you have experience in working with these industries and know of:

-ways members of these industries can reduce their emissions/releases,
switch to non (or less) toxic materials, reuse or recycle their wastes
-ways members of these industries can reduce their energy consumption
-ways federal environmental regulations may inhibit beneficial reuse or
recycling in these industries

Or if you know of resources such as case studies, environmental leaders in
these fields, technical assistance centers, or other assistance providers
that may know of p2 and compliance assistance opportunities in these
industries, please contact me at:
Katharine Kaplan
Industry Partnerships
Waste Management
U.S. EPA, San Francisco
415-744-1044 (fax)

Thank you!