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Re: secondary smelting and chemical manufacturing


A great place to start is the ChemAlliance (http://www.chemalliance.org) - 
the National Compliance Assistance Center for the chemical industry.

I will let Scott provide more detail as Battelle is running this Center under 
cooperative agreement with the US EPA.

- Greg

>  Or if you know of resources such as case studies, environmental leaders in
>  these fields, technical assistance centers, or other assistance providers
>  that may know of p2 and compliance assistance opportunities in these
>  industries, please contact me at:
>  Katharine Kaplan
>  Industry Partnerships
>  Waste Management
>  U.S. EPA, San Francisco
>  415-744-2105
>  415-744-1044 (fax)
>  kaplan.katharine@epa.gov
>  Thank you!