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RE: P2 in [secondary smelting and] chemical manufacturing

In a recent P2TECH posting, Katherine Kaplan
(Kaplan.Katharine@epamail.epa.gov) asked in part: 

> I am trying to identify opportunities to achieve real environmental
> through p2 and/or compliance assistance to the chemical manufacturing and
> secondary smelting industries.

Katherine -- 

As Greg Geyer (GrGeyer@aol.com) so graciously pointed out, one resource for
the Chemical Industry that you will want to take a look at is the
ChemAlliance compliance assistance center (www.chemalliance.org).  A good
starting point for learning about P2 opportunities in the chemical industry
would be the following two articles at our site:



We also have a number of P2 resources (including a case study database and
Best Management Practices database) that are not currently online but will
be shortly, and are happy to share these with you.  We can also point you to
"experts" though I personally find that term to be overused (a conclusion I
reached the first time I heard myself introduced as one), and prefer to
recommend specific people to help with specific tasks or information needs
rather than general topical areas.  


Scott Butner (butner@battelle.org) 
Co-Director, ChemAlliance
Senior Research Scientist, Environmental Technology Division
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
MS K6-04
PO Box 999, Richland, WA  99352
(509)-372-4946 voice/(509)-372-4995 fax