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Ceramic Tiles

Has anyone worked with a company involved in the manufacture of ceramic 
tiles or other high temperature ceramics products?  I am looking for some 
benchmarking opportunities for a Romanian company that wants to come to 
North America to look at pollution prevention techniques and 
technologies.  It is so refreshing to see that Europeans are just as 
interested in what we are doing as our fascination about what they are 
doing.  This firm does not insist that we call this "cleaner 
production."  Another refreshing concept!  Any leads or information would 
be appreciated.

The Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable is this 
week.  Hope to see many of you in Madison, Wisconsin!!


Dr. Robert B. Pojasek
Pojasek & Associates
PO Box 1333
E. Arlington, MA 02474-0071
(v) 781-641-2422
(f)  781-465-6006