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Measures of env/program successes

Dear Folks,

First, please forgive cross postings...

The State of New Mexico is creating a two-pronged performance measurement 
and reporting system.
One part of the system would track the improvements for companies 
participating in the Green Zia Program; this would include traditional env. 
measures, financial measures and human measures (employee satisfaction. 
stakeholder satisfaction,etc).  This part of the system would also track 
the company's performance over time, looking for evidence of continuous 
improvement.  Each organization would be tracked individually and the 
overall performance of companies rolled up into performance measures for 
the overall state program.

The second track is would measure the program's overall 
effectiveness:  customer satisfaction, retention of companies, continuous 
improvement of program, marketing effectiveness, volunteers or examiners' 
satisfaction, quality of feedback reports to companies,etc.  These measures 
are more programmatic to help assess the success of the program and 
identify areas to focus improvement efforts.

We want to benchmark other state programs to see how they are measuring 
these types of activities.  Can you please share information on measurement 
systems of these types and experiences (both good and bad) that you have 
had in doing this type of measurement?

Please send your responses to me at patg@lanl.gov, mjmitch@sandia.gov and 

Thanks in advance!

Pat Gallagher
Los Alamos National Laboratory